Modern Farm Business Podcast: The leader as coach

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When we’re a part of a group—be it leading our farm, a work group at church or a volunteer at the thrift store—there are many roles we end up taking on depending on the situation. We might be the person setting the priorities and the pace of the group, or we may be a contributor of talent to the team. Regardless, research is showing one of the most valuable skills we can possess is that of coach. Coaching is a special skill that we can develop, and the great thing is that the fundamentals are learnable and something we can improve upon over our whole life.

In this podcast episode, Dean Heffta explores the idea of approaching the role of farm leader as a coach. The goal of coaching is to instruct and guide one's team members to help them develop their skills and abilities, increase their self-confidence, and ultimately improve their effectiveness even when leadership isn't present to oversee their work. To hear Dean's three steps for effective coaching, just listen to this week's Modern Farm Business podcast.

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