Podcast helps develop farm leadership toolkit

Each Thursday morning Water Street Solutions' Modern Farm Business Podcast™ brings you a fresh set of ideas to help grow your inner leader. In the first 30 episodes we've had award-winning authors, world-renowned keynote speakers, educators and experts join us as guests on the show to share their expertise and knowledge with a growing audience.
If you haven't heard their insights on business strategy, negotiation, interpersonal relationships, company culture, family businesses, financials, data analysis or any of other host of topics we've covered over the last 30 weeks—now's the time to jump in and have a listen.
There's a lot to catch up on as well as plenty more to come in the future, and we're working hard to provide our listeners with a constant weekly dose of informative, entertaining, always relevant topics to help them grow a better farm business from the inside out.
Visit www.modernfarmbusiness.com to start listening today, or find Modern Farm Business Podcast on Apple Podcasts or your favorite Android podcast app.