Podcast: The farm business mind with Dr. David Kohl

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Being Professor Emeritus of Agriculture & Applied Economics at Virginia Tech and part owner of a value-added dairy business would be enough to keep most people busy. Dr. David Kohl is that and more. In addition to his duties as co-owner of Homestead Creamery in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dr. Kohl has spent the latter part of his career travelling over 9 million miles conducting financial/business workshops & seminars. He's been an insightful and particularly well-received guest speaker at a couple of Water Street Solutions events in the past—but we haven't heard from him in a while, so we thought we'd reach out and see what his thoughts are on today's ag environment. This week Dr. Kohl joins Dean on Modern Farm Business™ podcast to discuss his latest insights on farm leadership and the business of farming.

Learn more about Dr. Kohl and his works at http://www.cornandsoybeandigest.com/road-warrior