Smart Series: New crop insurance product might be a fit

There is a new product in crop insurance coverage you might care to learn more about. It's called Margin Protection Program (MPP), and it just might be a fit for your operation—particularly if you typically average 10-30 bushels better than your county average, you're spread out within your county or you irrigate in a primarily dryland county.

If you have previously used Area Revenue Protection (ARP), or before that, Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP), you might want to look into MPP further. It works in a similar way; MPP is an area-based protection plan which allows you to lock in a margin based on an area-based input price. 

For more information on MPP and a host of other great content, see our latest issue of Smart Series. Visit to be added to our free distribution list. Don't waste time. Do your research now to find out if MPP is right for you; the deadline to sign up for MPP for the 2019 crop is September 30, 2018.