Planning ahead for taxes is better than being surprised at the end of the year. Work with an advisor who will help you understand the tax impact of your decisions throughout the year.

We get to know you and your operation so we can best help you with a comprehensive tax plan. We assist you in developing a strategy that is appropriate for your needs and situation.


At the end of the year, there's the lure of buying iron to save on taxes. A good advisor will help you work through the numbers and understand if you're really winning when you buy at year end. We dig deep into the data to help you drive your business in the right direction financially.


Are you able to find your tax advisor during the off season? That's when you need help with decisions that have tax implications. We talk to you all year long, not just in December. We monitor tax developments throughout the year to keep you informed about changes that can impact your bottom line.


Tax work around commodity marketing is complex. Are you getting the best help with this? If you are marketing with Water Street Solutions, we help you record your commodity account transactions as required by tax law. This includes segregating and identifying your trades, and reporting them on the right schedule at tax time.

Be proactive

If farmers without a plan decide they want to retire soon, they may have a pile of income with few deductions, resulting in an unanticipated tax bill. When you plan ahead, you can integrate your legacy plan into your tax planning strategy to better manage the tax impact of your transition into retirement.


We file returns for Corporations, S Corps, Partnerships, and individual farmers.

We prepare and file payroll tax returns and employee W-2s, as well as Forms 1099 for reportable payments such as interest, custom hire or land rent.


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